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Lower Prices for Healing Courses & New Payment Options

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A Week in the Life of a Naturopath

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A Week in the Life of a Naturopath

Well, not really my entire life! So many things happen every day it would take me another day to write them down. However, I thought it might be inspiring to share some of the natural healing we use in an average week. Natural healing is not only my profession but is integrated into our daily life as a "normal" way of dealing with everyday healthy issues and injuries. One of the main ways I have taught the children self-healing is to have all the herbal and natural medicines in one cabinet with labels. When they need something to help them sleep, for allergies, for a stomach ache, a cut, a bruise or anything else, I encourage them to use these items. When they were younger they saw me get the items out for them. Now, as they grow older I allow them to "serve themselves" with supervision. Sometimes they even help their friends out when their friends need something - all with supervision of course!

Here are some of this week's events:

Parakeet Injury
We keep our parakeets on a very very high shelf so the cats cannot reach them. And until last week they could not. However, our more rascally cat Oscar finally found a way to jump up and visit. Too bad he miscalculated and didn't have enough room once he got up there. The entire cage fell and the birds fell to the ground with it. One of the birds was injured near her eye - a large gash. On such a small animal I didn't know if she would survive or if there were any internal injuries so I did the best I could. She did not seem to be suffering and was not sensitive when I touched her so I washed her wound in water and applied calendula salve with lavender and comfrey. Two days later she healed wonderfully and seems completely fine. No infection or pain after the original incident.

Son and Allergies
My son suddenly developed an allergy to our cats. I know that allergies are always related to each other and that being exposed to more than one allergen can make it worse, so we took a look at his entire diet and situation and realized that we needed to eliminate two things - pizza and peanut butter. All pizza (unless it is homemade or a special brand) has MSG. Peanut butter is an allergen to most people. Even if it does not cause hives or severe reactions, most people have trouble dealing with it. Three days later his reaction to the cats had improved but it was still there. He still needed time for the MSG and peanuts to clear out of his system, but meanwhile his system also needed support. I found a tablet version of my favorite allergy medicine - BIO-ALLERS pet allergy - and he started taking two every evening, when the itching was the worst. Right away he saw an improvement and three days later there was no itching. His thoughts? "Mom - that stuff you got me works awesome! Thanks!"

Daughter and Fear
My daughter choked last week on a food item and didn't want to eat anything but ice cream and yogurt and soft foods after that. She was so scared she would choke again. The fear increased over the day because the less food you eat, the more stress your body feels and then any problem you have will get worse. So, by not eating she was causing her body more stress and the fear was increasing. I served her some plain organic yogurt (her favorite) to balance her blood sugar and then some chamomile and spearmint tea to sooth her nerves. An hour later she was eating everything in sight and so joyfully proclaiming "I'm not scared anymore."

Bunny Constipation
I'm not sure if this is actual constipation but our bunny sometimes gets bunches of bunnypoo stuck to her bottom and a sore bottom. I think this happens because she is so furry - it is not an internal issue or having to do with her diet. So bunny gets a bath. But to soothe her little bottom she gets a bath with chamomile soap. She enjoys it very much and always comes out a lot cleaner, calmer and happier.

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Simplify my Feet?

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Happy simplifying!
Blessings & Health,

The Illusion of Healing

Many studies and people interested in natural healing focus on the chemical effects of pharmaceuticals and the dangers these side-effects can be to the body. However, there is not as much focus put on the equally dangerous "healing illusion" that they create.

I was speaking to someone yesterday who told me a typical story. They had been taking some medication for a while, they felt better and then they stopped. A few weeks later they were feeling very badly and wondered why. They started taking their medication again and felt better. Their conclusion? "I must not have been ready to stop yet."

However, there is really no reason they should ever be "ready to stop". What made them think they would one day "be ready to stop?"

This is a misconception that many people have about their medications. There is a difference between medications and healing. There are some modern pharmaceuticals that claim to heal various diseases (the jury is still out on many of these claims) but most pharmaceuticals and even the doctors themselves are very honest with their patients - "This medication will help relieve the effects of this disease. You will most likely be taking this medication the rest of your life." In most cases, even the medicines that do "heal" create a temporary situation. Once the medication is halted, the problem may come back "full force" years later.

And this is the reality. Medications relieve - they do not usually heal. The danger with not being aware of this is that it creates a "healing illusion" in people so they are less motivated to make life changes that they need to make to heal, and they are less likely to seek out herbs or therapies that WILL heal them.

What makes the illusion even more powerful is that people often feel so much better after taking their medication for a few weeks that they often go back to their old habits. Before medication they were watching what they ate because their heartburn was so bad. After medication it does not matter anymore. They go back to eating all the fried at fatty food that caused the problem in the first place.

While modern medicine does have its place, and I have seen many instances where relief enabled a person to continue living, the misunderstanding of modern medicine has caused many people to go deeper into their illness and prolong their pain and illness when they actually have the power to heal instead.

I would like to encourage anyone who is taking pharmaceuticals to remember that these drugs are helping you - NOT healing you. They can help you have enough energy so that you have the time and spirit to pursue real change and healing in your life. They can take away crippling conditions so you can drive to the health food store and supply yourself with fresh organic foods and herbs. They can clear your mind and focus you so you have the clarity of thought it takes to sort through all the information out there and really find some life changing solutions for your illness. They can also help you feel better so you have the energy it takes to visit different healers and seek out natural healing alternatives. However, pharmaceuticals will not heal you.

As long as you are taking medication and doing nothing else to help your condition, you should expect to be on that medication your entire life. Your hope of escaping the "pills" comes with the effort you put into healing the underlying causes of your illness. You can do this at the same time you are taking your pharmaceutical drugs. There are many herbs and healing methods that are compatible with modern drugs and sometimes all it takes is changed sleep habits, more exercise or a slight change in diet. Many people don't realize you can do both at the same time - relieve with modern medicine AND heal with natural therapies.

If you want to consider this the best place to start is with a natural health care practitioner who can help you create a program that is compatible with the modern pharmaceuticals you are taking. I offer online consulting at However, there are also many resources online and in your community.

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Misuse of the Temperaments

Misuse of the Temperaments

Last week someone made a comment on a video I have on YouTube. They said, "Phlegmatic, Sanguine, etc...? These ideas died with the Middle Ages!"

Well, for better or for worse, they are still alive and well. This person has probably experienced them in some modern incarnation and not even realized it.

There are over 100 systems of "typology" including Tim LaHaye, Keirsey, Jung, and many more. Some of these systems may be more familiar to you than the "Sanguine/Phlegmatic" system. Have you ever been told you were a "type A" or a "NJ" or a "Guardian"? All of these systems are based in the age-old system of typology, which brings us back to the sanguine, phlegmatic, choleric and melancholic again. In fact, in my online class on the temperaments ( ) I have created a chart that compares over 50 of these systems - and they all correspond in some way. It is amazing how there can be so many different systems, but when you compare them you see that they are all just interpretations of one basic system.

This is where the "for better or worse" comes in. These systems can actually heal people instantly who would usually go through years of counseling. I have seen people heal overnight once they became aware that their "problems" were actually based in their temperament. This may seem incredible, but if you think about it, it does make sense. Many mental issues we have are made worse by family, friends, or society telling a person "there is something wrong with you". A person then becomes obsessed with this "what is wrong" and pursues a solution, often taking medications and attending counseling sessions. Consider that many people are actually "diagnosed" as their temperament rather than their actual disease. In fact, some temperamental behaviours that are normal actually have names in the medical industry.

Of course there are a number of people who do have some medical problem and need to pursue an avenue of therapy and healing for that illness. However, I have seen too many people being misdiagnosed to believe that it does not happen more often than we are lead to believe.

Using a person's temperament to help them heal mentally, physically or emotionally is one of the most wonderful modern and ancient uses of the temperament tool. In Waldorf education, a child's temperament is used to help them learn in a more harmonious manner.

However, in modern times this tool is also being "misused". Have you ever taken a "typology test" such as the Meyer's-Briggs or other test? Have you ever been given a "test" when you went to interview for a job? Many Fortune 500 companies are using these "tests" to give them insight into the type of people they are hiring. However, this use of the temperament tool has great potential for disaster.

First, a form can only give a person so much information. It can help a knowledgeable practitioner narrow down possibilities, but if the person is only filling in ovals and not providing a verbal dialogue (on paper or in person) as well, then the information can become meaningless. Once a form is filled out, the practitioner needs to talk to the person in some way and gain further insight into them via their e-mail or voice and then cross-reference that with their "test results". In the corporate atmosphere this is rarely done.

Secondly, even if the temperament or typology of each employee or potential employee is correct, only someone with experience would know what to do with this information. My partner, Steve, tells me the story of a man who once hired him to "figure out all the type As - because I only want to hire Type As". Anyone who knows anything about Type As knows that this is asking for trouble! However, the man insisted and hired five brand new employees - all Type As. Needless to say his company became very inefficient. He spent so much time trying to coordinate all these natural leaders that he had to "start over" his company about 6 months later.

I look forward to the day when this tool is used by more people, and in the way it was intended to be used. If you have any stories to share on this topic please leave them in the comments below.

The Importance of Temperaments in Healing

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Cosmetics & Skin Care Safety Database

I was given some nice "natural" perfume the other day from Origins as a sample and was so excited! I am quite allergic to all perfumes and so I always need to be careful that I use only real essences - basically essential oils with some carrier (water or oil). The perfume was advertised as "all natural" and "essence". However, the minute I used it I had about three different reactions. I immediately Googled the name of the perfume with the word "ingredients" and found a wonderful database online for checking ALL of my soaps & costmetics!

I wanted to share it with all of you. The site is at:

Enjoy! A lot of the information is a bit shocking and surprising. I am especially dissapointed that the entire Orgins line does not rate very high. I am so weary of mass marketers trying to steal business away from legitimate organic and natural small businesses by advertising their products and natural when they are not. I usually make many of my own cosmetics - but when someone gives me something free I find it hard to say no. Well, at least I USED to!

Monday, October 20, 2008

How One Person Can Help the Economy

Sofi, thanking the local goats for her cheese :)

There are so many things we can do to save the economy. One thing I am doing to help is to make every cent I spend be significant in some way. I am making sure as much of my money as possible is going directly to people and not big corporations. I look around me, I listen to what my friends are saying and I watch the news and I see that there are hundreds and thousands of people just like me suffering from the poor economy and suffering from the fees and rates banks pile on us. Sometimes just a few dollars can make a difference to a family like ours. When you are struggling to get by, a few dollars can buy milk, some more gas, or even an item of clothing for a child.

When I spend my money I want to know that that is where it is going. If money comes out of my home and away from my family (to buy clothing, food or gifts) I want to know that it is enabling someone else to purchase those same items. When you purchase from large corporations your $5.00 gets broken into parts - $4.70 goes to the corporation, ten cents goes to China, ten cents goes to running the business and ten cents goes to the person who is at the cash register. These numbers change according to what corporation you are purchasing from but the idea is basically the same, most of your money is going over-seas or to someone who already has enough.

This week I purchased the following items and I know where my money went:

Local Goat Cheese from Local Farm - $4.25 - Money went directly back into their business to keep them running and into their pockets to purchase food for their own family.

Handmade Sweater from Local Business Owner - $50.00 - This sweater will last me ten times as long as any machine-made sweater. The money went directly into the business to keep it running and into their pockets to support their family.

Jar of Honey from Local Farm - $3.25 - Money went directly to the farm owner. I even placed it in her hands.

Hand-spun Yarn - $10.00 - Money went directly to the person who raised the sheep.

Coffee at Local Coffee Shop - $4.50 - Money is helping to support their business. Hopefully if more people go there each day and spend $4.50 they won't go out of business during these rough times and they won't be driven out of business by Starbucks.

Groceries at a market that supports local agriculture, dance lessons from a local dance teacher...

The list goes on and on....

It feels really good to know that my money is going to real people. I almost feel like every time I shop I am making a donation, instead of just "spending money". On a more "morbid" note, I also think, "well, at least if I go down with the economy my money went to prevent other people from the same fate" - LOL!

So vote with your dollar and help out your neighbors and friends and local business people as well as anyone running a small business. We may be going through rough times but we can help each other simply by making our spending really count!

How I Never Forget "My Bags"

I love re-usable grocery bags and can't live without them - for many reasons. Of course they are great for the environment but also they fit a lot more groceries than the standard plastic bags so they allow me to get into the house with my groceries in fewer trips. An added bonus is that the checkers usually are happy to let me pack my own bags and since nobody seems to have any idea how to pack groceries anymore that makes me even more happy :) I actually arrive home with nothing smashed and everything where it should be!

So my favorite new discovery has been portable nylon bags. The bags themselves are not "eco-friendly" - they are made out of some nylon material. However, the fact that I have not forgotten my shopping bags since purchasing these is VERY eco-friendly. I use these EVERYWHERE now - not just the grocery store. It used to be that I only used them for grocery shopping, and then only on planned trips when I could remember to lug my 5 eco-friendly canvas bags into the store. I never brought them to the mall, or to other stores and I often forgot them or did not have them if I just suddenly decided to stop by a store and pick up some milk and eggs.

I actually found these bags for only $1.00 each in the dollar section of Jo-Ann Fabrics AND Target. However, you can find them online for various prices and in various prints. I have included a picture of my purse and my bags above. Here are some places I have found them online:

DON'T get sucked into paying more than $5.00 for such a bag. Brands like "Baguu" are making these bags a fashion statement and charging $22.00 and up for them! Their bags probably cost about ten cents to make - the same as all the rest!

Here are some more reasonably priced bags (note: It took me an hour to find the best deals online last night so...these are the best of what an hour search came up with. These are not just randomly picked):

Chico Bags from come in many colors are are extra large. $4.95 ea.

A set of 3 for 12.99 from here: Green Shopper

Sale priced at only 1.35 (down from 6.95) this WEDDING FAVOR shop actually has some really nice ones! Get them while they are still there! This was a "find"! They come in many colors. I am providing the link to the IVORY BAG.

Buying in bulk for a business or organization to re-sell as a fundraiser? Try: Bulletin Bags


Blessings & Health,


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The Natural Living Channel

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Herbal Information on File

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New Herbal Consulting Group

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Carbon Footprints & Stepping on Others

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Herbal Identification and Chaparral

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Natural Rabbit Repellent - Tested Last Week

(Picture is of my son and our rabbit at home)

Natural Rabbit Repellent - Tested Last Week!

Dear Members,

A while back I heard from some friends that raise sheep that a little sheep's wool sprinkled in the garden will repel rabbits. It sounded worth a try to I kept it in mind for this summer. However, we have not had any rabbits around at all. Perhaps they all got "flooded out" or something? However, I did manage to test the results anyway.

I found an old sheepskin in my closet and (completely forgetting the sheepskin/rabbit relationship) thought that it looked very snugly and that my free-roaming house-rabbit would love to sit on it in front of the air-conditioning vent that is her absolute favorite place to sit. So I placed the sheep-skin there while she was eating her hay one day. I "knew" she would try it out soon and was eager to see how happy she would be since she spends about 80% of her time by the vent and loves it there!

However, once I placed the sheepskin there she completely avoided the vent. She would not go near it at all for three days. Finally I remembered the sheepswool/rabbit relationship and moved the sheepskin. It took her a full 4 days to decide that the AC vent was a suitable place to sit again.

So guess where the sheepskin is now? It is serving as a bed to all my computer and printer electrical cords. I don't think I will have any trouble with bunny chewing my cords anymore!

Blessings & Health,

Kristie Karima Burns, MH, ND

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

This herb is popular all over America as an immune-system enhancing herb and many people use it instead of using anti-biotics. German medical studies have proven that echinacea does indeed boost the immune system, and is useful in treating a number of common ailments. However, because of its popularity Echinacea is becoming endangered and over-harvested. To help keep this from happening I grow my own Echinacea (which is VERY easy to do...they are perennial wildflowers and grow in any sunny part of the garden) and only harvest what I need. If you have any garden space at all this is very easy to do and if more and more people do this, then Echinacea has more of a chance of surviving on this earth. Planting time is over for this year, but if you have some in your garden or along the nature path you walk you are welcome to wildcraft it gently in the following manner.

I have included a picture from MY Echinacea patch that I took today. As you can see, since the flowers are in full-bloom they are PAST the time when I can harvest the tops and it is way before the time when I can harvest the roots. The bee was very kind in posing for me. He didn't seem to mind my company :)

Harvesting Echinacea

For medicinal purposes, you'll want to harvest some roots and some flower tops. For best quality, wait until your plants are 3 years old. Roots are harvested in the fall when the tops have gone to seed and the plants have experienced a couple of hard frosts. Tops are harvested just as the flowers start to open. Whether harvesting tops or roots, the dried herb will be good for one year. Be sure to date the jars containing the herb so you won't use them past their potency date.

Harvesting Roots

1. Using a sharp knife cut off a portion of the root, leaving plenty for the plant to grow on.
2. Cut any pieces larger than 1 inch into smaller pieces to avoid mold growth during the drying process.
3. Wash thoroughly and pat dry.
4. Hang the root pieces or lay them out on screens in a well-ventilated area away from direct sunlight. If the pieces are large it may take several weeks for them to dry.
5. When completely dry, store in a tightly covered glass jar in cool, dark place.

Harvesting Flower Tops
1. Using a sharp knife, cut the plant at the point where the first healthy leaves are growing.
2. Lay the tops on a screen or hang them upside down in bundles out of direct sunlight. Make sure they aren't crowded so that air can't circulate around them.
3. When completely dry, the leaves will crumble when touched. Store them in glass jars with tight fitting lids in a cool, dry place.

There are two ways to brew an herbal tea: Infusion and Decoction. Use the infusion method when preparing a tea from leaves, flowers or seeds. Decoction is the method of choice for roots. For a pleasant cup of tea, most people prefer an infusion of the flowers. Decoctions are very strong.

To make an infusion:Place 1-2 teaspoons of dried herb or 2-4 teaspoons of fresh herb in a teapot. Cover with 1 cup of boiling water and steep for 15-20 minutes. Strain out the herbs and enjoy.
To make a decoction:Combine 2 teaspoons of dried root and 1 cup of water in a saucepan. Cover, bring to a boil, then reduce heat and simmer for at least 20 minutes and up to 1 hour. Strain out the herb and enjoy.


Blessings & Health,

Kristie Karima Burns, MH, ND

How to Find & Harvest Wild Garlic on a Nature Walk

We are lucky enough to have a plentiful supply of wild garlic in our yard, however, as I walk down the bike trail and the nature trails around town I notice that there is plenty of wild garlic "for the taking" as well. Learning how to identify it and how to harvest it will help you in benefiting from this free gift from nature. I have included some photos of our wild garlic to help you and some simple harvest instructions. You will understand the instructions more by looking at the photos too.

All the plants of any given variety of garlic will come to maturity at about the same time, but some varieties will mature in the early spring and others not until mid-summer. Once any given variety of garlic starts losing its leaves and there are still eight leaves left (a week to 10 days from harvest), discontinue watering and let the soil begin to dry out some so as to make harvesting easier - it's easier to pull garlic out of loose soil than mud. In my case I never planted these plants and never watered them either - LOL - since I live in the Midwest where it has been raining a lot.

When your garlic is ready to harvest, there are several ways to do it. It is important to remove the garlic from the ground without injuring it as it is still a living creature and germs can enter through wounds at a time when its ability to ward them off is diminishing. If you have real loose rich soil, you can simply pull them up by their necks as long as doing so will not tear or damage their necks or roots. Few of us are fortunate enough to have that kind of soil. For most of us the best way is to use a shovel or garden fork and slip the blade down beside them and then work it under them and pry them up from the bottom. Be very careful not to cut the bulbs as you do this.

Then immediately take them out of the sun and into a cool shady place to cure out for a while.
Be very careful in handling the bulbs at this point and do not bang them together as that can cause them to be bruised and invite storage problems and ruin them for seedstock. Do not throw them onto the ground or into a wagon, place them down gently - you have spent a lot of time and effort to grow them right, don't blow it all now by handling them rough. Get them out of the sun as soon as possible as the sun can scald them or cause them to dry down too quickly and may result in problems.

I've included some picture of some of our wild is ALMOST ready to harvest!

If you are harvesting on public land be sure to follow the rules of wildcrafting - only take what you need and only "thin out" the gifts that you find. Do not take everything from one place.

Blessings & Health,

Kristie Karima Burns, MH, ND

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How to Get the Healing You Need

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Kristie's Consulting & Seminar Trip Dates

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Natural and Effective Wood Board Cleaning

For wood cutting boards (would probably work on plastic too but we Don't use plastic cutting board so I can't say for sure....) cut a Lemon in half, sprinkle the cutting board with sea salt (coarse grain) And rub the lemon halves over the board vigorously. Rinse with clean Cool water. This is a fun activity for children as well.

Blessings & Health,
Kristie Karima Burns, MH, ND

Aggregate Berries

I was very excited today to teach one of my friends and her daughter one of my favorite foraging "secrets". Since all the berries are ripening in our yard and along the bike path I took them on a little berry picking adventure. At first they seemed a bit worried that we might eat a berry that was poisonous. Then, I explained that I only harvest aggregate berries with kids - they are easy to identify, never poisonous and ALWAYS Delicious and packed with nutrition.

Aggregate berries are berries that have little bumps on them like raspberries, blackberries or mulberries. Cherries, strawberries, and elderberries are NOT aggregate berries because they do not have the little bumps and they are smooth.

As soon as I explained what and aggregate berry was the little girl that was walking with me shared with us that she knows where "a bunch" are near her house. So... with this little bit of knowledge an entire new world opens up for her to play and snack in while she is at her house.

Letter to the Editor: UTIs

Thanks for the ideas on dyeing. I have another question to ask I am looking for a more natural way to take care of a urinary tract infection. I'm not keen on using antibiotics and wondered if there was anything other than loading up on cranberry juice that could help. Thanks, - E

Dear E,

Urinary tract infection can be very serious so it is best to consult a health care practitioner to see what can be done. Each of the clients I have seen have benefited from different suggestions.( However, there are two things that always help all the clients (no matter what other recommendations I have for them) and they are:

1. Reflexology sessions (given by yourself to your hands, or by a family member to the feet) in the abdominal area of the palms.

2. The homeopathic remedy cantharsis in 200C dose taken once and then taken again in 30C doses if needed. You can find info at:

Hope this helps :)

Blessings & Health,

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Why I Love Gardening with Herbs

I wanted to share this picture with anyone who might be wary of venturing into herb gardening. THIS is why I love gardening with herbs! I planted these herbs from itty bitty stems of an herb plant last year, put them in the ground, did nothing (didn't even water them), let them die off for the winter and they came up all by themselves this year! So now I have a bumper crop of chives and oregano with no effort from me!
While many people are enjoying harvests of tomatoes, stawberries and other garden treats every summer I am (sometimes also enjoying those but...) ALWAYS enjoying cups of chopped up chives in my eggs, handfuls of fresh oregano in my spaghetti and teapots full of orange and apple-mint leaf tea! And the nutritional benefits of these herbs are either equal or MORE than the vegetables and fruits I also grow (when it works out LOL!).

More Information on Nutritional Value of Herbs


Blessings & Health,
Kristie Karima Burns, MH, ND

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Your Natural Income and Dividends

Our tree bloomed this morning!
I took a picture above.
It reminds me of a quote by James Russell Lowell:

"Good heavens, of what uncostly materialis our earthly happiness composed....What incomes have we not had from a flower,And how unfailing are the dividends of the seasons"

Monday, April 21, 2008

Ten Things to do with a Rosemary Tree

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The Selfish Lazy Cheapskate Environmental Guide

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Friday, April 11, 2008

Royal Jelly Realities

A common misconception in the area of natural healing is that all things natural are politcally and econonically responsible & that they are all healthy and good. This is not neccessarily true. I have spoken before about how some natural substances are not good for some people and about how some herbs are being so over-harvested that they are bordering on extinction. When you are using natural products keep this in mind. Is your product being harvested in a responsible way? Is your product organic or are chemicals being used to produce it (and thus harm the planet)? What are the conditions of the workers who make this product? Is the company responsible? Is this product one that is good for your temperament or your unique condition?

I just added royal jelly to my list of "products that are not harvested in a responsible way" due to some information I received from a friend that is a beekeeper. This information was not from an E-mail chain or from a random rant on the Internet. This information is coming straight from the mouth of a person who keeps bees themselves and knows the industry. This is what she had to say:

"The beekeeper kills the swarms queen, this creates a high sense of chaos and urgency. The bees attempt to make a queen and as she starts to grow in the cell then the cell is removed so that the royal jelly in her cell can be harvested. The growing queen is killed in this process [surely this is not haalal or kosher!] The swarm is distress again and repeat the process and so does the beekeeper. The result is a chaotic but yet despondent swarm . Surely this affects the quality [energy] of the royal jelly.I do not and will not use/eat any product that has royal jelly in it. I consider royal jelly and mass harvested pollen to be as bad as "Fois Graa" [oh dear - very bad french spelling!]My writing was quite strong but Royal jelly is an amazing product that is produced in a very bad manner. I cant cope with exploitation - especially of bees that I adore so much. I hope I have not offended - my intention is to educate."

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Herbal Fairytales are NOW HERE!

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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Parent Child Natural Healing Class - Openings Available

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Cleaning the Tub Can Be Fun!

I have to admit my least favorite chore is cleaning the tub! However, I recently found out a way to do this that is completely natural and fun as well. And I have to admit it is fun for me even without the kids!

Here is what you do:

Let your child sprinkle as much baking soda as they want on the kitchen or bathroom floor, or in the bathtub; then help him or her pour a cup of water and vinegar (2/3 water, 1/3 vinegar) on the pile of baking soda. Watch it bubble! Watch it squirt! Dilute it a little more when the fun is done, and get on hands and knees to scrub.


Blessings & Health,

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The Herb Channel UPDATES!

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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Epsom Salts & Sea Salts

Dear Kristie,

What are these Epsom salts you spoke about in your BLOG? Can't I just use Sea Salts? - EH

Dear EH,

Epsom salts are not just "salts" - they are a natural substance that can extract toxins from your body. Scientifically Epsom salts are a magensium sulfate "salts" - most minerals can be made into salt! Regular salt that we eat is really just mostly sodium chloride. You would not want to eat Epsom salts, although there are some ways you can consume them safely "now and then" for health benefits.

Sea salt is also beneficial in therapy - although its effects are different from that of Epsom salts because sea salts are made up of many different minerals.

Sea salt contains about 84 different essential minerals - 83 which are actually EXTRACTED when regular table salt is made!

So think of this next time you use salt in your food - would you rather use regular table salt or sea salt?

Sunday, February 10, 2008

The Ultimate Recylable and FUN giftbag!

I just discovered these awesome gift bags at a local healthfood store this weekend and wanted to share them with all of you! You may have heard of these already but I just went "nuts" when I found them! You use them to give a gift and before you give the gift you "register" it online. Then, when the person receives it THEY register it - then when they use it again they register it and the next person registers it and so on! They are $4.00 - $6.00 each at You can see how many sacks have taken long journeys at:

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Still time to join the Parent-Child Healing Classes Online!

This can now be found at

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Parent Child Natural Healing Classes Start NEXT WEEK :)

This can now be found at

Friday, January 18, 2008

OCD in Child? Letter to Editor

NOTE: This does not include the full 2-page e-mail that was originally sent to me. I condensed it.

Dear Kristie,

Thank you for getting back to me promptly about the OCD. We miss your school. Your house was such fun and loving place for kids to learn and explore. Sally's problems is only on washing hands so far. Sometimes, she is fussy over the clothes, however I'm able to talk her out of it. She washes her hands
during and after her shower....(more details here)...I do not think she needs professional treatment at this time but I do want to help her with this problem. She is only 5 years-old. Thank you for your help!

Nel (name changed for privacy)

Dear Nel,

Without a full evaluation I can't really help in any extensive way but I can offer my advice and hopefully point you in the right directions.

I agree that she does not need any treatment at this time, just gentle guidance and awareness of what is going on. Her case does not severe enough to become too concerned about at this point.

Sometimes when a child or an adult start to exhibit OCD behavior it is a symptom of them seeking more control in their lives. Every person in the world feels they don't have enough control in our lives and we all seek to balance that by doing SOMETHING about it. Depending on the child's temperament they may throw temper tantrums, start washing their hands a lot, start bossing their friends around, insist on staying home more often, seems Joshua has chosen the "washing his hands" option. He is most likely of the Melancholic or "Metal" type of temperament.

To manage his behavior it might help to give him more feeling of control in his life. Especially, children of the melancholic type, seek control and they are natural leaders. Anything you can offer him would help. Let him choose what he wears to school, what he has for lunch (within reason of course!). And even when you don't want to let him choose you can "offer him choices" instead of telling him what to do. So, for instance, you can ask him "Do you want to wear the green, red or white shirt today?"

You can also give him some things to "be in charge of". Perhaps he can "be in charge" of choosing the book you read to his brother at night. Or "in charge of" setting the plates on the table. The more responsibilities he has the happier he will be because people of the melancholic type thrive on completing tasks and they feel a lot of fulfillment when a task is completed.

I hope this helps.

If you would like a full consultation or temperament evaluation for him you can visit: Typology & Temperament Consulting

(The links for consulting are at the top of that page)

Blessings & Health,
Kristie Karima Burns, MH, ND

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Funny Kitchen Pharmacy Trick

My son came to me today very very concerned. He described this horrible tight feeling in his leg. "Mom, whenever I walk it is really tight like it is going to is really awful." I started by explaining that it was very easy to injure this part of the leg...

Then he stopped me, "I was just laying in bed!"

Ah! It was most likely a cramp then. I told him in all seriousness to put a metal spoon on it. When I was pregnant I had cramps all the time in my legs and this really helped.

He started laughing so hard he almost could not open the drawer to get the spoon. He thought I was "pulling his leg". But I didn't he started to see I was serious. So, still laughing he put the spoon on his leg. Then he laughed even more! The cramp was GONE!

So I don't know if it was the laughing or the spoon..all I know is the spoon always worked for me!

Blessings & Health,
Kristie Karima Burns, MH, ND

Wednesday, January 9, 2008


I am looking for a good food processor so I can make fresh baby food for my baby. Which one do you like? - AH

Dear AH,

The only food processor I used for my three babies was the manual "Food Mill"


(If any members of this list sell this food processor on their site please tell me - I would rather support a home based business than the mega "Mother Nature" online store!)

A lot of times people will tell you they used something natural because they are hung up on "natural things" but in this case I actually chose this mill, not because of my "hang ups" (LOL) but because it was SOOOO easy to use, SOOOO easy to wash (much easier than those other food processors) AND it easily made small amounts of baby food instead of tons I would have to save that never really got eaten.

This site has some other recommendations as well:

Blessings & Health,

Herbal Remedies for Pain: Letter to the Editor

Hi Kristie,

Okay we have taken our daughter to a more natural route with vitamins and natural
products. Our doctor in Mayo respects that and recommed riboflavin for Migranes that
have just start to hit her and she is getting so ill from them she is vomitting.

My question is are there herbal teas that can ease this up so that she is not having to vomit from the pain?

If I am asking to much just let me know!

Be Blessed!
Love, AK

Dear Anita,

I have not found any herbal remedies for pain that I like very much because many of them are too strong, they put you to sleep or they don't "play well" with other medicines. If anyone else has some favorites that have worked well for them or their clients please share. However, MY favorite remedy for pain is reflexology! I use it for every kind of pain in our house - even a kid sleeping on their neck wrong and it being stiff and painful. Reflexology ALWAYS works on pain from my experience. Usually within a few moments. I had a client come in the other day with really painful UTI and I could tell something was wrong but she did not share with me she was in pain. I thought she was having a bad day or something! Anyway, after the reflexology treatment she just looked like a different person! WOW! She even said "I was in pain, but it went away. Thank you."

If you already have reflexology books or know all about it then - go for it!

If you need some instruction I just uploaded an awesome video (ok, so I am biased) for only $7.50 download to:

Reflexology Video Download

You can download it right away and it only takes 20-30 minutes to watch.

Blessings & Health,

Kristie Burns
Teacher, Healer & Artist
Storytime radio, Lesson plans, Free visual resources, Healing classes, Discount natural living items, Herbal consulting online, Crafts & More at:

Sunday, January 6, 2008

The Importance of Fevers

I've been telling people about the importance of fevers for years and then today I discovered this gem of an article while searching for something else on the Internet. I just HAD to share it with you!

Published: December 28, 1982

THE ancient Greeks, who regarded disease as an imbalance of ''humors,'' believed fever cured the sick by cooking the bad humors and helping the body get rid of them. The notion of fever as beneficial persisted for more than 2,000 years, and countless patients were actually treated with ''fever therapy'' to aid their recovery from such ailments as syphilis, tuberculosis and even mania.

Then, in the mid-1800's, aspirin compounds that rapidly reduced fevers became commercially available and the medical view of fever changed abruptly. For the next hundred years, physicians and patients focused on bringing down fevers, sometimes with such drastic measures as cold baths and alcohol rubs.

Now, the view of fever is undergoing yet another about-face, thanks to recent research that has in essence documented the benefits suspected by the Greeks. Fever, the studies indicate, evolved at least 300 million years ago in cold-blooded vertebrates as a means of helping the body fight off invading organisms.

The new findings raise serious questions about the wisdom for most people of taking aspirin or acetaminophen for fevers below 104 degrees. Indeed, a number of physicians, including pediatricians, are now suggesting that moderate fevers be allowed to run their course, for they may shorten the illness, potentiate the action of antibiotics and reduce the chances of spreading the infection to others.

These doctors say that fever-reducing drugs should be used with discretion, and some experts even foresee the return of induced fevers to treat selected illnesses. A form of fever therapy is being used experimentally as part of the treatment for some cancers.

Fever, the new studies show, mobilizes the body's immunological defenses against infectious organisms and, in some cases, directly inhibits their growth. Experiments with infected animals, such as fish, lizards, rabbits and dogs, show that those that are allowed to raise their body temperatures are more likely to survive.

In one of the latest studies, people who exercised vigorously were shown to experience some of fever's effects, which may account for claims of physical fitness buffs that they are less susceptible to ordinary viral and bacterial infections.

''Fever has a high energy cost to the individual,'' said Dr. Matthew J. Kluger, a physiologist at the University of Michigan Medical School and one of the leading researchers in the revisionist view of fever. ''For each 1-degree rise in Centigrade temperature, the body's metabolic rate increases about 10 percent - heart rate, respiration, all the metabolic functions are speeded up.''

He added that for this costly response to infection to have been retained throughout the evolution of vertebrates, ''it must have a net survival value.'' In other words, infected animals that developed fever would, on average, have a better chance of living and passing their genes on to the next generation.

The new understanding of fever grows out of basic studies, sponsored primarily by the National Institutes of Health, that have revealed how fevers develop and what changes they induce in the body. Various substances can prompt the development of a fever, among them viruses, bacteria, fungi, toxins, allergens and certain drugs. When the immune system detects such a foreign invader, a type of white blood cell, called a monocyte, is activated and engulfs the intruder.

The activated monocyte, now called a macrophage, releases a hormone, endogenous pyrogen, or EP, which travels through the bloodstream to the brain. There, EP acts on a region of the hypothalamus that regulates body temperature, and raises the body's thermostat, or temperature ''set point.'' The body, which now is not as warm as the brain says it should be, feels chilled and, in effect, turns on its furnace to raise body temperature to the new setting.

Nerve messages originating in the hypothalamus trigger rapid muscle contractions, or shivering, which produce heat. Other nerves constrict outlying blood vessels to reduce heat loss to the environment. Body tissues, such as stored fat, are broken down to produce heat. And the sensation of coldness stimulates behavior, such as putting on warm clothes, piling on covers or drinking hot liquids, that also help to raise body temperature. ...

To read more link to: The New York Times