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Simplify my Feet?

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The Illusion of Healing

Many studies and people interested in natural healing focus on the chemical effects of pharmaceuticals and the dangers these side-effects can be to the body. However, there is not as much focus put on the equally dangerous "healing illusion" that they create.

I was speaking to someone yesterday who told me a typical story. They had been taking some medication for a while, they felt better and then they stopped. A few weeks later they were feeling very badly and wondered why. They started taking their medication again and felt better. Their conclusion? "I must not have been ready to stop yet."

However, there is really no reason they should ever be "ready to stop". What made them think they would one day "be ready to stop?"

This is a misconception that many people have about their medications. There is a difference between medications and healing. There are some modern pharmaceuticals that claim to heal various diseases (the jury is still out on many of these claims) but most pharmaceuticals and even the doctors themselves are very honest with their patients - "This medication will help relieve the effects of this disease. You will most likely be taking this medication the rest of your life." In most cases, even the medicines that do "heal" create a temporary situation. Once the medication is halted, the problem may come back "full force" years later.

And this is the reality. Medications relieve - they do not usually heal. The danger with not being aware of this is that it creates a "healing illusion" in people so they are less motivated to make life changes that they need to make to heal, and they are less likely to seek out herbs or therapies that WILL heal them.

What makes the illusion even more powerful is that people often feel so much better after taking their medication for a few weeks that they often go back to their old habits. Before medication they were watching what they ate because their heartburn was so bad. After medication it does not matter anymore. They go back to eating all the fried at fatty food that caused the problem in the first place.

While modern medicine does have its place, and I have seen many instances where relief enabled a person to continue living, the misunderstanding of modern medicine has caused many people to go deeper into their illness and prolong their pain and illness when they actually have the power to heal instead.

I would like to encourage anyone who is taking pharmaceuticals to remember that these drugs are helping you - NOT healing you. They can help you have enough energy so that you have the time and spirit to pursue real change and healing in your life. They can take away crippling conditions so you can drive to the health food store and supply yourself with fresh organic foods and herbs. They can clear your mind and focus you so you have the clarity of thought it takes to sort through all the information out there and really find some life changing solutions for your illness. They can also help you feel better so you have the energy it takes to visit different healers and seek out natural healing alternatives. However, pharmaceuticals will not heal you.

As long as you are taking medication and doing nothing else to help your condition, you should expect to be on that medication your entire life. Your hope of escaping the "pills" comes with the effort you put into healing the underlying causes of your illness. You can do this at the same time you are taking your pharmaceutical drugs. There are many herbs and healing methods that are compatible with modern drugs and sometimes all it takes is changed sleep habits, more exercise or a slight change in diet. Many people don't realize you can do both at the same time - relieve with modern medicine AND heal with natural therapies.

If you want to consider this the best place to start is with a natural health care practitioner who can help you create a program that is compatible with the modern pharmaceuticals you are taking. I offer online consulting at However, there are also many resources online and in your community.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Misuse of the Temperaments

Misuse of the Temperaments

Last week someone made a comment on a video I have on YouTube. They said, "Phlegmatic, Sanguine, etc...? These ideas died with the Middle Ages!"

Well, for better or for worse, they are still alive and well. This person has probably experienced them in some modern incarnation and not even realized it.

There are over 100 systems of "typology" including Tim LaHaye, Keirsey, Jung, and many more. Some of these systems may be more familiar to you than the "Sanguine/Phlegmatic" system. Have you ever been told you were a "type A" or a "NJ" or a "Guardian"? All of these systems are based in the age-old system of typology, which brings us back to the sanguine, phlegmatic, choleric and melancholic again. In fact, in my online class on the temperaments ( ) I have created a chart that compares over 50 of these systems - and they all correspond in some way. It is amazing how there can be so many different systems, but when you compare them you see that they are all just interpretations of one basic system.

This is where the "for better or worse" comes in. These systems can actually heal people instantly who would usually go through years of counseling. I have seen people heal overnight once they became aware that their "problems" were actually based in their temperament. This may seem incredible, but if you think about it, it does make sense. Many mental issues we have are made worse by family, friends, or society telling a person "there is something wrong with you". A person then becomes obsessed with this "what is wrong" and pursues a solution, often taking medications and attending counseling sessions. Consider that many people are actually "diagnosed" as their temperament rather than their actual disease. In fact, some temperamental behaviours that are normal actually have names in the medical industry.

Of course there are a number of people who do have some medical problem and need to pursue an avenue of therapy and healing for that illness. However, I have seen too many people being misdiagnosed to believe that it does not happen more often than we are lead to believe.

Using a person's temperament to help them heal mentally, physically or emotionally is one of the most wonderful modern and ancient uses of the temperament tool. In Waldorf education, a child's temperament is used to help them learn in a more harmonious manner.

However, in modern times this tool is also being "misused". Have you ever taken a "typology test" such as the Meyer's-Briggs or other test? Have you ever been given a "test" when you went to interview for a job? Many Fortune 500 companies are using these "tests" to give them insight into the type of people they are hiring. However, this use of the temperament tool has great potential for disaster.

First, a form can only give a person so much information. It can help a knowledgeable practitioner narrow down possibilities, but if the person is only filling in ovals and not providing a verbal dialogue (on paper or in person) as well, then the information can become meaningless. Once a form is filled out, the practitioner needs to talk to the person in some way and gain further insight into them via their e-mail or voice and then cross-reference that with their "test results". In the corporate atmosphere this is rarely done.

Secondly, even if the temperament or typology of each employee or potential employee is correct, only someone with experience would know what to do with this information. My partner, Steve, tells me the story of a man who once hired him to "figure out all the type As - because I only want to hire Type As". Anyone who knows anything about Type As knows that this is asking for trouble! However, the man insisted and hired five brand new employees - all Type As. Needless to say his company became very inefficient. He spent so much time trying to coordinate all these natural leaders that he had to "start over" his company about 6 months later.

I look forward to the day when this tool is used by more people, and in the way it was intended to be used. If you have any stories to share on this topic please leave them in the comments below.

The Importance of Temperaments in Healing

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Sunday, November 9, 2008

Cosmetics & Skin Care Safety Database

I was given some nice "natural" perfume the other day from Origins as a sample and was so excited! I am quite allergic to all perfumes and so I always need to be careful that I use only real essences - basically essential oils with some carrier (water or oil). The perfume was advertised as "all natural" and "essence". However, the minute I used it I had about three different reactions. I immediately Googled the name of the perfume with the word "ingredients" and found a wonderful database online for checking ALL of my soaps & costmetics!

I wanted to share it with all of you. The site is at:

Enjoy! A lot of the information is a bit shocking and surprising. I am especially dissapointed that the entire Orgins line does not rate very high. I am so weary of mass marketers trying to steal business away from legitimate organic and natural small businesses by advertising their products and natural when they are not. I usually make many of my own cosmetics - but when someone gives me something free I find it hard to say no. Well, at least I USED to!