Thursday, April 24, 2008

Your Natural Income and Dividends

Our tree bloomed this morning!
I took a picture above.
It reminds me of a quote by James Russell Lowell:

"Good heavens, of what uncostly materialis our earthly happiness composed....What incomes have we not had from a flower,And how unfailing are the dividends of the seasons"

Monday, April 21, 2008

Ten Things to do with a Rosemary Tree

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Friday, April 11, 2008

Royal Jelly Realities

A common misconception in the area of natural healing is that all things natural are politcally and econonically responsible & that they are all healthy and good. This is not neccessarily true. I have spoken before about how some natural substances are not good for some people and about how some herbs are being so over-harvested that they are bordering on extinction. When you are using natural products keep this in mind. Is your product being harvested in a responsible way? Is your product organic or are chemicals being used to produce it (and thus harm the planet)? What are the conditions of the workers who make this product? Is the company responsible? Is this product one that is good for your temperament or your unique condition?

I just added royal jelly to my list of "products that are not harvested in a responsible way" due to some information I received from a friend that is a beekeeper. This information was not from an E-mail chain or from a random rant on the Internet. This information is coming straight from the mouth of a person who keeps bees themselves and knows the industry. This is what she had to say:

"The beekeeper kills the swarms queen, this creates a high sense of chaos and urgency. The bees attempt to make a queen and as she starts to grow in the cell then the cell is removed so that the royal jelly in her cell can be harvested. The growing queen is killed in this process [surely this is not haalal or kosher!] The swarm is distress again and repeat the process and so does the beekeeper. The result is a chaotic but yet despondent swarm . Surely this affects the quality [energy] of the royal jelly.I do not and will not use/eat any product that has royal jelly in it. I consider royal jelly and mass harvested pollen to be as bad as "Fois Graa" [oh dear - very bad french spelling!]My writing was quite strong but Royal jelly is an amazing product that is produced in a very bad manner. I cant cope with exploitation - especially of bees that I adore so much. I hope I have not offended - my intention is to educate."