Sunday, November 9, 2008

Cosmetics & Skin Care Safety Database

I was given some nice "natural" perfume the other day from Origins as a sample and was so excited! I am quite allergic to all perfumes and so I always need to be careful that I use only real essences - basically essential oils with some carrier (water or oil). The perfume was advertised as "all natural" and "essence". However, the minute I used it I had about three different reactions. I immediately Googled the name of the perfume with the word "ingredients" and found a wonderful database online for checking ALL of my soaps & costmetics!

I wanted to share it with all of you. The site is at:

Enjoy! A lot of the information is a bit shocking and surprising. I am especially dissapointed that the entire Orgins line does not rate very high. I am so weary of mass marketers trying to steal business away from legitimate organic and natural small businesses by advertising their products and natural when they are not. I usually make many of my own cosmetics - but when someone gives me something free I find it hard to say no. Well, at least I USED to!

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