Monday, March 9, 2009

Toxic Home Reminder & Affirmation

A student in the Naturopathic Healing Course turned in her assignment today on the "Thirteenth Principal of Healing". She chose as her topic, "Creating a Healthy Living Space". I thought her paper was a great affirmation for all of us that what we are doing to live more natural lifestyles is worth it! Sometimes we spend so much money, time and thought creating all those "perfect natural spaces" around our home, purchasing the "greenest" cleaning supplies and making sure our kids have the most natural toys. However, some days don't you find yourself wondering, "I'm I being nuerotic or is this all worth it?" Even if you don't think it - how many times have your relatives asked you this question?

This quote, take from the first part of the student's paper, sums up the "worth" of it all to me:

Siegfried Gursche, in the Encyclopedia of Natural Healing, quotes: “According to the Environmental Protection Agency, fifty percent of all our illness can be traced to indoor pollution, which is ten times more toxic than its outdoor counterpart.”

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